Mobile App Development

625 apps and 80 million downloads
Serving San Diego and beyond

We specialize in:

• iPhone
• Android
• iPad
• Smartwatch

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Mobile App Development

625 apps & 80 million downloads
Serving San Diego & beyond

We specialize in:
• iPhone
• Android
• iPad
• Smartwatch

Featured in:

Developing & Optimizing Brilliant Mobile Experiences

In addition to creating some of the World’s most popular applications, we offer our skills to change the world for the better. Here are a few recent news stories featuring an app we created to give back to those that have served us.

We are experts in Mobile App
Design & Development

The App Design Company has designed, developed, and successfully launched over 625 mobile applications for a total of 80 million downloads. We build Native and React Native for both iOS and Android apps.

Based in San Diego, CA, we employ a world class team that provides strategy, design, and development. The result is award-winning designs for native mobile and the Internet of Things that differentiate our clients from the rest. We achieve success by using a blend of dedicated industry experts and best in-class technology.

When it comes to smartphone, tablet and smartwatch applications development, you should look no further than us to illuminate the path toward mastering the mobile space. We have highly talented designers and developers to give you the best in Application, Game & Web.

iPhone Apps

We have been at the frontier of iPhone Software solutions since the very beginning. We offer you the best services in iPhone App, Game, and Web.

We follow the changes and innovations happening in the world of mobile technologies, and have prepared ourselves to develop the most updated applications for our global clients.

iPhone APIs

We can create useable APIs for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. APIs are huge channels for businesses and allow companies to connect with thousands of customers.

Application Program Interface (API) is a set of routine protocols and tools for building software apps. Our team makes it easier to develop and program all of the building blocks needed to leverage companies data and information. APIs allow developers to use an agency’s data and create amazing shopping, travel, fitness and real estate apps, however the possibilities are endless.

User Interface Design (UI/UX design)

We design gorgeous, easy-to-understand user interfaces for even the most powerful applications. 

Smartwatch Apps

Futuristic, minimalist, and sleek are not only words to describe our approach to creative design, but also the look and feel of the new smart watches. There is a reason that Apple, Sony, Samsung, Google and Microsoft all have a version of the smart watch.

Android Apps

We have been designing and developing Android Applications ever since the platform was announced in late 2007.

The Android platform is a framework developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, acting as both a platform and an operating system for hand-held devices and providing a myriad of opportunities in Android solutions.

iPad Apps

Our developers come up with unique and pathbreaking iPad Application and Game solutions. We have the strongest client base in terms of iPad app and games.

The larger screen size achieved by the jump from iPhone to iPad opens a bold new world of user-interface opportunities.



“They were able to take my idea, without any documentation, and create a fully functioning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product within six months of starting development. They created the mockups, designs, logo, branding, the SaaS product of course, and even my marketing website. They take the technical responsibilities off my plate, so I can focus on growing my business.”
~ Jonathan Thomas, Journey Transportation CEO
“JP and the team are available literally day and night to respond to any issues or answer any questions we had during the development phase and after during the monthly maintenance phase. This was the second app we have built as a company, and they are heads and shoulders above the competition, in terms of their commitment, knowledge, and work ethic. Their teams of developers have been able to handle all of our requests, no matter how challenging, and we have always found a solution.”
~ Tom Judge, One Life Creative Director
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