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4 Big Money Savings Tips for Building an App

4 Big Money Savings Tips for Building an App

Developing a mobile application does not have to exceed your budget. There are a few tips that can help you save a lot of money before, during, and after development.


1. Research Users First
The expenses that you invest in the app do not end when the mobile application is released. In fact, it is usually after releasing the app that you discover features and enhancements that are needed. However, the more research you conduct on your target market user base, the more you can identify key selling features to include in the app from the first release – and avoid the development of features that are not as valuable.


2. Select the Correct Platform
Do you want to develop an app for the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, or both? Next, is the app better suited for native development or react native? The decision needs to be made before development begins. Changing this decision during development often incurs a large cost and delays the completion date.


3. Inventory Developers’ Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities
App developers range in cost and experience. It is important to find the perfect balance between these two items. It might be tempting to keep costs low by selecting a lower cost and junior developer. However, this often results in future challenges and development efforts which may cost even more than anticipated.


4. Analyze Development Efforts
Development teams operate in systems where time and resources are measured for user stories. This is important. If a feature requires hundreds of development hours, but only adds value to a smaller user base, is that feature needed for the launch? Perhaps a feature as currently explained and documented is confusing to developers. Sometimes a quick conversation can drastically reduce the time required to develop a specific use case.

Following these tips will keep your project on track, and most importantly, on budget. Want more tips or support? Fill out the fields below and one of our app experts will contact you!