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5 Must Know Tips to Create a Best Selling App

5 Must Know Tips to Create a Best-Selling App

Apps are the future! While the market didn’t even exist 10 years ago, today the iOS market sales are $28 Billion per year and growing at about 20% annually. Over 180 billion apps have been downloaded to date and $20 billion has been paid to app developers, many of whom have created their apps from their home, on their time. If you’re looking to take the leap and design your own app, we’ve got our top five tips below to help you out!


1. Choose your platform
Every platform has its own unique set of required coding skills. You’ll want to develop your app in Objective C if you’re looking to develop for iOS or Java, and XML if you’re going for Android development. Consider whether you want to release on Google Play, App Store, or Windows Store, each of which has its own benefits and challenges. Learn more about coding your app.

2. Prioritize Design
A beautiful app makes for a great user experience! Make sure your graphics are high-quality and your functions are easy to navigate. New developers may be tempted to make graphics a lower priority since screen size is smaller, but keep in mind your apps may occasionally be used on tablets or larger devices as well. Be sure to test your design on every known screen size (ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi). It should appear the same all across the board. Design it yourself, get an experienced designer or use standard icons such as those offered by Glyphish then edit them as much as possible.

3. Think of your audience
Consider your user’s experience when deciding to put ads in your app, and try to avoid changing your monetization strategy, which could confuse or annoy users. Keep in mind important updates that will enhance the user’s experience or address issues. Always listen to user’s feedback!

4. Marketing your App
Always think about your presentation. Rather than a dry explanation of your app, consider writing more of a sales pitch in your app description. Be sure you have active social media accounts representing your brand so you can get the word out.

5. Making Money
There are three ways to make money from apps: sell at a fixed price, make the app free but run ads, or sell things through the app, AKA in-app purchases. There are pros and cons to each approach, and it’s important to understand your market and get creative with your options. The revenue generated at the Apple App Store to Google Play is at a ratio of 8 to 1. Apple pays more for top developers who build their apps to be sold, not downloaded for free. The Windows 8 Store is still small in terms of its revenue, but it allows apps to run simultaneously on a PC, tablet and smartphone. More mediums mean more downloads.