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Why Your Business Needs An App

Why Your Business Needs An App

More and more successful companies are leveraging mobile apps to create additional value for their business, prospects, and customers. Prospects search keywords in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to find apps for products and services they are interested in long before their first purchase. Existing customers want and are now expecting apps to get even more value from what they are already paying for.

Fortune-500, medium-sized, and small businesses are creating mobile apps to increase operational efficiencies. One company saved 2-3 hours per day by streamlining the process of field technicians capturing images in the field and importing into the company’s information system. Images are assigned to the appropriate contacts in the app at the exact moment they are taken in the field making it a seamless and efficient for the team.

Another company discovered prospects who were looking for checklists to overcome major life events by typing in a keyword in the app stores to find an app. Their competitor already had an app and was generating leads earlier in the customer lifecycle.

Even older more mature industries and companies have mobile applications to be competitive in today’s mobile-first marketplace. Geico created an app that allows users to manage their insurance needs despite not being a Geico customer. Some of the high-level features include providing users with information to purchase a new car or get rid of their clunker. The app allows prospects to message a Geico support representative within the app. The approach is a smart solution to increase prospects leads by meeting the consumer where they are already having a conversation.

There are many reasons why businesses do not have mobile apps today. Many companies believe the development process is too complicated or too costly and dismiss it. While others see the need but do not know where or how to start.

Today, consumers have developed an app-first mentality and expect apps to make their life simpler. Simply put, it is now imperative for a company – not a nice to have. App Design Company, Inc. clients are often relieved to find out how simple the projects are and how we can leverage the right solution to fit any budget and financial goal.