Objective Zero App

Objective Zero is a nonprofit technology start-up that seeks to prevent Veteran suicide by enhancing meaningful social connectedness and access to suicide prevention resources through a mobile app that connects Veterans, military members, and their families to suicide prevention resources and a nationwide suicide prevention network of volunteer civilians, counselors, and fellow Veterans. The team at Objective Zero believes that every veteran suicide can be prevented through the simple act of listening.


According to recent government data; nearly 20 Veterans and 1 service member commit suicide every day, equating to over 7,000 suicides per year. Despite its best, noble efforts, the US government has struggled to deal with the scope of this problem. For instance, the VA’s Suicide Crisis Hotline was embroiled in controversy when reports surfaced that many Veterans were being put on hold or redirected to backup call centers.


We were approached by Objective Zero in hopes of using their expertise and proven track record to solve this colossal problem. One of the main concerns was to deliver a top-notch product while under extensive time constraints. We took this as our moral responsibility to give back to US Veterans and approached this project as our own, ultimately producing an astounding end-product.


  • Native iOS
  • Native Android
  • NodeJS
  • Amazon S3 Server

Project Scope

  • Frontend application development
  • Partial backend development with
  • NodeJS
  • Mobile application

Key Features

  • Crowd-source moral support for Veterans
  • Consolidate suicide prevention resources
  • Enable users to connect via mobile HD-video chat
  • Veterans anonymous direct ambassadors access