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iPhone Application Development

appDesignCompany has a team of professional iPhone application developers whose sole purpose is to maximize our use of the iPhone SDK to create stylish, engaging, and easy to use applications that stand out from the crowd and push boundaries where applicable.

We currently develop applications for small to medium organizations but also support some of the largest digital agencies in the world who outsource their mobile development to our in house teams.

iPad Application Development

The iPad is sleek and portable, boasts a speedy processor, and a long lasting battery. The implementation of iPhone OS together with its data input scheme, i.e. virtual keyboard and multitouch gestures make the iPad an immensely more usable device than the majority of Windows-based tablet PC's.

The iPad compiles all the trendy, smart user-interface features that make the iPhone so useful, in an ideal-sized device.

Android Application Development

The Android platform is a versatile open source application development platform that provides a catalyst for businesses to launch useful & innovative mobile applications.

Android is a Linux based open source operating system with Java library and powerful application development capabilities. It was introduced by Google along with the Open Handset Alliance (A group of 65 companies) and has a wide spectrum for social media and other lifestyle applications.

Microsoft Windows Application Development

Microsoft Windows brings the Windows Store into a competitive arena, making it an exciting and expanding market for app development. With cutting edge technology advancements, our app development team creates apps that provide consistent and reliable user experience specifically for Microsoft Windows. appDESIGNcompany uses customary design and development that leverages the Windows platform and incorporates design principles for Windows apps. We have successful launched numerous Windows apps, as well as for the Microsoft Surface. [read more...]


For appDesigncompany the smartwatch wasn't an evolution of the mobile device it was a necessity. There is a real excitement about wearable intelligent devices. As a key player in the mobile app industry our development team is experienced in creating apps that truly utilize smartwatch technology. Our smartwatch app development team was one the first to begin creating apps for these devices. It is a proven track record of success that allows us to create exciting apps for these musthave gadgets.

Google Glass

appDesigncompany is passionate about being the top development firm for Google Glass applications. As skilled tech enthusiasts our team is specialized in current and immerging app development practices. Our clients work with us because they know that we are the trusted team to create innovative, high quality apps for Google Glass and other mobile and tablet devises.

App and Web Design

Your company's unique. So why shouldn’'t your website or application be? Your online presence should reflect the uniqueness of your company.

Cookie-cutter websites are easy, but as we know easy isn't always affective. Fortunately, with our services, you can finally afford the top-quality web presence you deserve.

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